Jun 142011

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Damn Lebron, I really dont believe what the fuck just happened last night. Are you fucking serious b?? Giving up multiple double digit leads?? Turnovers galore?? An 8.9 drop in the finals from your regular season average,which is the all time high?? A 3 point 4th quarter average?? 6 turnovers and missed free throws in the losing effort?? Sorry to state the obvious, but you’ve managed to come up shorter than Midget Mac on a tricycle yet again. Now I can understand the Cleveland years. Back then you got about as much help as Bokeem Wooodbine would get at a Klan rally. But this?? This shit right here is unacceptable fam. I expect something like this from a trade deadline casualty, not the two time MVP and face of the league.

After the game 1 win, you had a 90% chance to win the series. After your last win of the series, which was game 3, you had a 74% chance (which is still pretty damn high). But that wasn’t enough breathing room for you huh?? You still managed to fold quicker than Skull Gang *crickets*



How could you do this to me?? Scratch that, how could you do this to US?? The diehard fans that supported you through the thick and thin, even when you made that quasi bitch-ass move to the Heat. We all know New York was the perfect destination for you (the smart guys like me at least), but they probably wouldn’t wanna take you now anyway.

Personally, I’ve been on #TeamLebron since 2001, back when you was in the issue of Slam Magazine with the fucked up fro as a soph in high school. Even when you made the horrible mistake of rocking the cornrows, I still took you as my own. Circa the Melo hype after the 03 Final Four, I defended you to a tee and telling cats to not be prisoners of the moment. “Yeah,Carmelo’s pretty dope, but that prep kid from Akron is that uncut Boy George “Obsession” ill.

To layman’s terms, Im a day one fan and supporter of dude (I even bought his book for pete’s sake), so I feel I have the right to rip you, because you genuinely hurt me b. The original Aunt Viv leaving the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air hurt fam. I took last year as an aberration, just a slight case of frustration/jitters/growing pains. Most of us figured Cleveland was all but a Non-Motherfucking Factor as soon as the season ended anyway.

Then thats when ish got a lil smelly. When Amare signed to the Knicks, I immediately thought “Knicks Dynasty” because I was sure the managment could find a respectable point guard to pair with you and Amare to complement the high flying show that was about to commence in Manhattan. The Bulls option was also very enticing on paper,but I knew you’d enlist Delonte West as your future best man before you’d step in MJ’s shadow at the United Center.

Then all of a sudden, I started hearing through the ESPN grapevine about Miami trying to get in the picture. I took note of the rumors, but figured NY was the most likely destination for the baller formerly known as King James. The thin chance the Cavs had left of getting you erased as soon as the ink dried on Chris Bosh’s freshly minted Heat contract. So in my eyes that left New York and Chicago as the serious players, and Miami and Cleveland as the long shots.

Next we all hear the news about this “Decision” special that Lebron is planning to televise. I thought it was great promo, though cruel due to the fact all the little hearts of Cleveland would be crushed yet again (because it was obvious he was definietly skipping town). For the next day or two, we debated and deliberated where the King would land.

Would he lend credence to all the subtle signs of his exodus to New York?? Would he take on the size 50 footprints of one Michael Jeffery Jordan?? Or would he actually make the potential dumbest mistake of his career and appease his hometown fans by staying in Cleveland?? The world waited for the answers in suspense.

We all knew that he couldn’t possibly go to Miami tho right?? Have his legacy attatched to an expansion franchise?? Do the unthinkable and join up with his buddies Wade and Bosh to form an unstoppable,not to mention unfair,force? Title parade-like celebration before a practice was even held?? Nah,no way that could possibly happen.

That would mean unprecedented expectations. Opening your “Brand” and legacy to intense scrutiny and question. You’d get the ring for sure,but your ego and competitive spirit wouldn’t allow you to split TOP billing?? Nope, that would mean championship or media crucifixion right?? Well, at least were now all WITNESSES to the theory that pressure does indeed bust pipes, and a dream can get deferred real quick.

P.S. Your still my fave player, I just want you to do better and live up to your potential. My advice is to LISTEN to the naysayers and hate and let that ignite your competitive fire while you and your comrades shoot jumpers, workout, and strive to improve your games over the summer. Also if there is in fact something mentally stopping you from being truly great when it really matters (which i really hope is untrue), take some time to find out what it and key in on resolving that, because talent is good,but we all know heart beats all in the end. I know it feels like your world is crashing down, but please remember. There’s always next year.

Signed, @preezydakid

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