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EDITORIAL: The Bloggers Burden (Thoughts On The DDotOmen x WTT Incident) »
Aug 022011


Today the internets were aflame with news from last nights Watch The Throne listening session. Selected tastemakers were invited to a secret location for a chance to hear one of the most anticipated albums of the year. After being divested of electronic equipment they had a chance to listen to the album in its entirety. With no recording equipment they had to rely on memory to fill their blogs, tweets etc with news on the album.
Well that was the theory anyway. One enterprising blogger took it upon himself to sneak some sort of recording device into the session and today along with his review posted some snippets from the album.


Reaction was swift and damn near universal with most everyone else who was at the listening session calling it a stupid and foolish move, while the rest of the internets joined in on the slander attacking everything from his choice in clothing to the ignorance of recording a session and releasing the snippets on your own site.
This raises a question inherent to blogging and supposed popularity on the internet. Most sites pride themselves on exclusive connections to artists, taking care to retweet when an artist mentions them, or posting “exclusives” whenever they get the opportunity. It is through these exclusives that these sites distinguish themselves from competition and make a name in the crowded blogosphere.
So what’s the limit for posting a leak? When WTT leaks to the internet every site will post something from it, as is the case with pretty much every popular release. Its a common practice and won’t change because of todays incident. So is everyone mad because its Jay and Kanye? Two artists who probably have the least to lose from an album leaking let alone some poorly recorded snippets? Or is because he thought and had the nerve to do something that no one else did?
It’s easy to throw slander on the internet, but as a wise woman said today all of us live in glass houses so perhaps we should check our own homes before we throw stones. Not saying that what the person in question did was right, but what is the limit to the blogger’s role? When did a journalist ever have to defend his sources? What distinguishes a journalist from any hack with a recorder? The questions remain.

  12 Responses to “EDITORIAL: The Bloggers Burden (Thoughts On The DDotOmen x WTT Incident)”

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  2. After today’s slanderfest I’m sure he’s learned a tough lesson.

    What he did was shady, but then again he admitted that he wasn’t even on the list of invited guests so just him being there was a little shady. If it wasn’t him at this event, it would be someone else at another event.

    The lengths people would go through to get an exclusive shouldn’t be a surprise though. People have been more in the rush to be first than right in this blogging game anyway.

    All that being said, the move was foul whether it’s a Jay-Z/Kanye listening event or an MC Lil Big listening event. Respect the rules that they laid down for their event.


  3. no respectable writer/blogger would think of doing that at a listening party they were invited to. that’s a lowly bootleggers role. there’s nothing to debate/think about here.

  4. Respect the rules that they laid down for their event.


    I concur one hundred percent. I just wanted to offer the idea that there is more to this than one side of the story.

  5. Since when did bloggers try to take themselves so seriously? you all post massive amounts of drivel and unreleased (and oftentimes incomplete) versions of music received from people who aren’t always affiliated with labels or even the artists themselves, but suddenly CamelGOAT and Kanye get their shit leaked and now everyones up in arms?


    Its very funny-style that you all are fronting like he did something to you– these labels could give a fuck less about you as a blog (as evidenced by them trying to shut as many of you all down), so why so upset that this nigga did what you niggas couldn’t?

    Smarten Up niggas.


  6. ^
    word, if you put it like that. yeah, you right. but i’m not speaking for these aggregating blogger types who just want to be first with exclusives. i’m talking about professionals who write more than 144 character blurb at a time, who actually care about the culture, respect artists’ vision for how they want to drop their shit. actually, i don’t think i can speak for everyone but my main concern was never how much a label cared. i’m just taking a second to distance myself from the hump by pointing him out. nobody’s mad here.

  7. Do you read posts or just skim through it? I made the exact same point in the post.

  8. I just didn’t understand the anger & slander. I checked his mentions & cats were telling him he needs to die. Ridiculous. Jay-Z & Kanye aint worried about this half as much as most of the people involved.

  9. People are outraged because this is the same cat that make fake Twitter profiles of rappers, celebs, and of the internet popular in hopes to ruin their reputation. He post pictures of various women nudes (the ones that rejected him) and he also stalk a few of the Twitter elite. He lives in his grandmother’s basement, unemployed, while popping medication for his HIV. He’s a closet homosexual also. There are so many things I can post about him but if I go any further, I would feel bad for airing out the worst about him.

    I hope this will be a lesson for him and he gets the psychiatric help that he needs.

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  11. The difference between what he did and some random dude who posts illegal music on the site is the breach of trust. Not everyone gets invited to these events and though he wasn’t on the list, someone believed that he could be trusted. He broke an unwritten rule. This has nothing to do with Jay-Z or Kanye.

    Truth is that if you don’t see that what he did was wrong, than you have no idea how much work you have to put in to build those kind of relationships. That’s like one of your boys fucking your wife. Anyone could be that dude, but if it’s your boy, you’re going to feel a way about it.


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