Aug 082011

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news or twitter or any other source of information there has been large scale rioting in the northern portion of London over the weekend and continuing into tonight. The cause of the riots has been a reaction to the shooting of death of Mark Duggan, a Tottenham man who was shot by police after they say he fired upon them. The problem with the official version of the story is that all bullets found at the scene seem to be police issue. Also as is in the case with most riots of this nature this is probably a long simmering conflict and this is the straw that broke the back. More astonishing video after the break, and check here for people who can speak on this situation far better than I can.

Thanks to RT for the video

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  2. [...] I can’t speak on everything that is happening in London, but it seems to be the same kind of situation with Rodney King. It’s not that King was a stand up citizen or anything, but he was more of a symbol for the years of police injustice in California and the country in general. For more on the riots and protests click here. [...]

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