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NEWS: PleaseDontStare’s Weekend Recap (2/17/12-2/20/12) »
Feb 202012

What’s good folks, hope y’all had a great weekend and enjoyed yourselves. In this week I’ll be discussing the sports and entertainment happening’s that occurred over the weekend, but first I’d like to take a second to speak on Whitney Houston’s funeral service that took place Saturday in her hometown Newark, New Jersey.

The service was beautiful and star studded to say the least with the likes of R. Kelly, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Key’s, Jennifer Hudson, BeBe Winans and more participating in the service either via song or speech. Many others in the entertainment business were also present including Clive Davis, Oprah, Dionne Warwick, and Jay-Z amongst others, making this a send-off to truly remember.

What I did NOT appreciate however, was the security and media’s treatment of Bobby Brown, who was only there to support his daughter in grieving and to pay respects to his wife. I know allot of people blame Bobby for Whitney’s fall from grace, but he still deserves his respect as her former husband and the father of her only child and did not deserve to be shunned the way that he was. And in all actuality, Whitney NEVER came out to denounce Bobby in any situation I can recall, so placing your own judgement on him and making the time even more difficult for him when she would have wanted him to be there was an indirect spit in the face of Whitney and her wishes if you ask me. Hold your head up Bobby Brown and I’d like to send another R.I.P. to Miss Houston, may your legacy live on.

Over the last week or so, me and a VAST majority of my fellow writers/blogger/etc have been up in arms about MTV’s annual “Hottest MC’s In The Game” list, and I’ve decided to hold my tounge until I saw the final results and here it is.

1. Rick Ross
2. Drake
3. Kanye West
4. Nicki Minaj
5. Lil Wayne
6. Jay-Z
7. Meek Mill
8. Big Sean
9. Wiz Khalifa
10. Wale

MC’s 1-5 were announced last night and though everybody pretty much knew who was in the Top 5, the order was a little surprising to some. While I thought they would most likely give the top spot to Kanye or Drake, I was pleasantly surprised when Rick Ross (my current choice for #1 in the game) was announced as the winner, as his street/blog/etc presence was UNDENIABLE for the last 16 months or so. While Yeezy did rack up a slew of Grammy’s and just came off the success of WTT, I feel he actually wasn’t too “Hot” in the streets and would actually put Drake ahead of him in the rankings due to his CONSTANT presence on radio, mainstream, and in the streets.

While I can stand the choices for the Top 5 in general (sans Weezy), 6-10 is where most of my problems are with this list. First off, I could argue that Lil Wayne doesn’t even deserve to be ANYWHERE near this list, let alone Top 5. I know most of the general public might place him there, but how much faith can we have in the general public’s music taste nowadays?? Besides, they only know about 10 rappers by memory, so the playing field is definitely leveled and when the rest of those artists are dude’s like French Montana, Meek Millz, Gunplay, Alley Boy etc, the obvious choices for the Hottest MC to them are Wayne, Nicki, Drake, Ross, Jay, and Yeezy. But with that being said, the abortion that should have been Carter IV makes him being included in this list a big FUCKING PAYOLA joke (Birdman hand-rub required). I say move Jay-Z to the 5 Spot and kick Weezy off the list altogether, but for the sake of “hottness” the best I could put him at is #9 because he’s CLEARLY not hotter than Wale, Big Sean, Meek, etc at the PRESENT moment.

Also, I find fault with Meek Millz being ahead of Wale and Sean who both released respectable selling debut’s with crazy guest appearances, when Meek only pulled off three (albeit huge) collaborative singles and appeared on the MMG Self Made compilation. While he is on the borderline of the list, he would probably be one of the last 3 cuts or so on my personal list. Wiz could be higher, though his underwhelming “Rolling Papers” debut does knock him down a notch, but he still belongs on this list due to his overall success over the year.

MY biggest problems with this list are the snubs. How could you leave off J. Cole and Mac Miller (who both have #1 albums may I mind you) and include Meek Millz and Lil Wayne, who haven’t REALLY done shit but a few singles and mixtape fare?? When I take the time to look at the list and proccess everything I think MTV got the “Hottest” list right, but the people are looking for somehing better and think the folks at Viacom should anticipate and dictate what’s hot, rather than going off of commercial and media bias. Maybe then we’ll have an accurate description of what’s really “Hot” and what’s the “next best shit” rather than a bunch of miscommunication. That sounds pretty fair if you ask me.

Nigga caught a case, damn near lost his career and endorsements, and STILL aint learn?? I guess beauty and pussy IS a powerful drug, but for all that I’ll just be one sober motherfucker when it comes to that shit. I fucks with you Breezy, but c’mon son smdh.

Jeremy Lin has done it again. New York City’s great Asian hope pulled off another impressive performance in the Knicks 104-97 defeat of the defending champion Dallas Mavericks with Lin leading the way to the tune of 28 Points, 14 Assists, and 5 Steals, becoming the first player to do so against the defending NBA champs since the steals statistic first started being recorded. I have to admit that before I was a lil fickle of this whole phenomenon, but from what I’ve seen these last few games in particular I’m starting to think that Linsanity is for real and not some fad that will be passing sooner that later (Tim Tebow).

I’d like to take a second to officially welcome the homie JR Smith to the Knicks and if the rest of your season is anything like your shar shooting debut last night, I think this could end up being a perfect marriage with your flair for the dramatic and New York’s love for showmanship (as long as the wins keep mounting). I predict between a blurb in the tabloids here and there, you’ll fit in just fine.

Even though the Kevin Durant/Russel Westbrook relationship may be awkward at times, last night was one of the examples of the greatness that this duo can reach, with Russel going for 40 and Durant exploding for 51, becoming the first tandem since Jordan and Pippen in ’96 to both get 40+ in a game and the first to pull that off AND add in a triple double (Serge Ibaka) for good measure. With the best record in the west and the Lakers faltering, OKC looks like the clear cut favorite to make it to the finals barring any injury. And I’ll bet money on seeing another outburst like this before the seasons over from these two, book it.

If you haven’t seen or heard, the Heat are playing at a level thy’ve never played before (and that includes last years playoffs) making this team even scarier when you just ponder on the fact they’re only in their second year of playing with each other and how good they could be in the upcoming years…SCARY smdh.

You lost to the Phoenix Suns by 12 tho?? With a senior citizen Steve Nash at the point and not much else as a supporting cast?? And this is the one they say is better than Lebron RIGHT NOW (not talking 4 years ago)?? I will admit that Lebron can’t lace up Kobe’s shoes when it comes to crunchtime (yet) and he does have the age advantage, Mr Bryant’s goal of 6 rings aint looking too good right bout now..I wonder what Benhameen thinks about all this??

Not much NCAA basketball to talk about with most of the ranked teams doing what they were supposed to do, but at least Jared Sullinger (who I hate..something bout do screams overrated to me) and Ohio State (who I also seem to hate for no reason) fell to Tim Hardaway Jr., Trey Burke, and the rest of the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday, which just about made my day honestly lol.

Jay-Z SNL Skit

The Jay-Z voice was spot on and I died when Justin Timberlake walked in as Bon Iver. Good way to step ya game up SNL, y’all been looking flabby and sick with the sketches for too long


Jay-Z & Beyonce Working On New Albums??

Apple Settles Class-Action Suit

Tyga’s Album Reportedly Recalled Over Martin Luther King Jr. Sample

Netflix Makes New Announcement

Watch The 9 Most Popular Viral Vids Of The Week

Ludacris To Star In Parking Lot Pimping

Google Takes Heat Over Tracking Revelation

Will Digital Film Switch Signal The End Of Historic Movie Theatres??

The Simpson’s TV Show Reaches 500th Episode

Sundance Jury Prize Winner Speaks On Personal Prison Experience

Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Gain Weight

Meek Millz Reveals Debut Album Title

How Body Temperature Could Save Stroke Victims

DMX Accused Of Owing A Million In Child Support

Students Sentenced To Prison After Facebook Hacking

Colbert Report Returns Monday

Nick Cannon Quits Radio Show After Recent Health Issues

Cleveland To Use National Mortage Settlement Funding To Demolish Homes

Robin Thicke Arrested For Weed In NYC

Possible Recession To Hit Italy Sometime In 2012

J. Cole To Judge The Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown Alongside Lebron and Darryl Dawkins


Estelle gives us the remix to her radio hit “Thank You” featuring Busta Rhymes, who is as reliable a guest feature as there ever was.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Chiddy Bang unleashes some newness in “Grab A Plate” off of their upcoming “Breakfast” project, which drops next tuesday on itunes.

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The homie Stalley drops the latest release in his “Songs By Me, Stalley” series “Mind Made Up”. Enjoy.

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A$AP Rocky and the rest of the crew hit up the Cosmik Kev radio show in Philly and proceeded to drop this freestyle in the proccess.

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R&B crooner Robin Thicke does a rendition of “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” which is honestly one of my personal faves from Whitney. R.I.P.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.



Cormega Introduces M.A.R.S.

Juicy J- Drugged Out

Wale- Slight Work

Styles P- Exhibit A Freestyle Vid

That’s it for this edition of Weekend Recap. Feel Free To Follow Me On Twitter @Preezydakid.

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