May 122011


Yesterday was Ace Hood’s Birthday and RealityyBites, Agent Of PDS, caught up with him to play a quick game of word association. You know how it goes we throw out some words and he gives us the first thing that comes to his mind. His answer when we mentioned Jeezy and Amber Rose was interesting to say the least.

Shouts to Young Sav, and Vinny Styles for the look that we blessed Ace with at the end of the interview.

  6 Responses to “PDS EXCLUSIVE: Word Association With Ace Hood (Interview)”

  1. Very nice Reaityybites…

  2. crazy interview!!

  3. Ok that was dope!

  4. very nice interview looking good both of you guys

  5. [...] I wish I had heard this before me and RealityyBites interviewed dude. We would have had to ask him why did he remake Hustle Hard for his second single? [...]

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