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Preezy Da Kid

Born in South Carolina, raised in Wilmington Delaware, Preezy Da Kid is a modern day Hip Hop rennaisance man. Writer, Artist, Critic, Tastemaker, and overall purveyor of the culture. Also a diehard sports aficionado and lover of all things dope.

Apr 092013

Would never think that Jermaine would have the heart to catch a body, music video or not. But J. Cole does just that, reenacting the final verse from his “The Warm-Up” mixtape standout “Dreams” in his visual for his Miguel assisted single “Power Trip”. “Born Sinner” coming soon, bastards.

Mar 052013
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For some reason as of late, I’ve been listening to this Best Of Rakim mix I downloaded recently, and though I love his undisputed classics such as “Paid In Full” and “I Know You Got Soul”, after hearing this song for the first time on said tape, it has quickly become a favorite of mine and decided to share with y’all in case you weren’t hip as well. And if you are then just enjoy the damn music.

Feb 122013
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On the 20th anniversary of So So Def, CEO Jermaine Dupri reflects on the legacy of his label and shares what the future holds including new albums from Jagged Edge, Leah LaBelle, Dondria, and Fresco Kane.

My thought is that as great of a producer as JD is, he’s never really cultivated a successful career for a rapper of legal drinking age, let alone one with serious longevity. And his roster is currently thin of promising upstarts in the rap arena, so I don’t feel in the end his legacy will be up there with the Dre’s, Timbo’s, Diddy’s, etc in the Hip Hop world, but that Pop/R&B money sure ain’t doing him any harm neither, so I’, def not mad at the kid. And bagging Penny always get you a nod in my book.

Jan 252013
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Pusha T talks new album “My Name Is My Name” which will be out in March, and his mixtape “Wrath Of Cane” which drops in a couple weeks. Talks Big Daddy Kane being better then Rakim. Talks Cruel Winter Album, relationship with brother “No Malice” And ending beef with Lil Wayne.

I fux with Pusha heavy, but Kane better than Rakim?? Nah fam. Nice try tho lol.