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Apr 232013

The Ghost came in and rocked through most of his storied history with the Lox, Diddy, DMX, Tupac, Mary J. Blige, the East West Coast beef, how D Block’s legendary lyrical beef with Roc-a-fella almost spilled out into the streets and more. P also shed some real grown man tears reminiscing about the Notorious B.I.G. as he rolled that real pungent. Tune in and get all this work. His latest album ‘Float’ is available for sale now.

As always you can download the mixes from the show below. They may be silent for the first twenty seconds or so, sorry blame the late nights.

DOWNLOAD: Styles P Set

DOWNLOAD: 90′s Hip-Hop Set

Apr 222013
Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 3.25.29 PM

Well the moment you’ve been waiting for since we dropped the trailer on you a couple of days ago, the first episode of what is probably the greatest thing to happen to the Intenets since Al Gore, The Combat Jack Show with Complex TV. This is the first of three parts featuring Jimmy Fallon’s favorite rapper Black Thought of The Roots. I think the title says it all, but right around the four five minute mark things start to get real interesting. Stay tuned this is just the beginning fuckybergs.

Apr 192013
Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 2.24.19 PM

Well this is the moment of all the Internets have been waiting for, the official trailer from the upcoming revolutionary nighttime or anytime talk show from the same fuckybergs who have been bringing you the hottest podcast in the lands. Go ahead and watch the trailer above and then tune into Complex TV on April 22nd for the debut episode with the one and only 5th Dynamite himself Black Thought.

Apr 162013


“The album art represents me. A ball of flames in a rose gold frame.”- Kid Cudi

Fresh off his departure from G.O.O.D. Music, Kid Cudi is expanding his artistry on his third album Indicud. With his latest project, the Cleveland native is returning back to his rap roots after forming a rock group with producer Dot Da Genius last year and dropping their WZRD debut.

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Mar 252013



Crustified Dibbs breaks down why Eminem took his spot, why he jerked Attorney Reggie Osse out of $10,000, the time the Notorious B.I.G. smacked the schitt out of his man, how it was nothing for him to grow up with murderers and killers in his home, how he went from being the most wanted emcee to no one returning his calls, who at Jive Records is a Fuckyberg, how minor leagues money is better than the major leagues and why he remains one of the most respected lyricists in the game.

Another classic episode, my favorite moment has to be RA calling me a shrunken down Melle Mel, but I’m sure you’ll find more to love in this one. As always you can download the mixes below.


DOWNLOAD: Second Mix


Mar 182013



This week, we welcome the Super Thug aka N.O.R.E. and get to the bottom of the long standing “beef” between P.A.P.I. and “super attorney” Reggie Ossé. Noreaga speaks on his history with Mobb Deep, Notorious B.I.G., Tragedy, Capone, Chris Lighty and other rap luminaries. Plus, Nore tells us about his trip to the fat farm to visit the late, great Big Pun. Get ready for Combat!!!

As always you can download all the music mixes from the show below! Make sure you subscribe to the Combat Jack Show On Itunes!




DOWNLOAD: Second Mix



Thanks to TCJS

Mar 112013

Sak passe Internets!!! This week, Grammy award winning and former Haitian presidential candidate Wyclef Jean sets the record straight about the #YELE charity organization accusations, the Ducati and pum pum shorts incident, intmate music making moments with Lauryn Hill, carrying Haiti on his back. the legacy of the Fugees and drops a freestyle that you’ll need Rosetta Stone to decipher through. Please remember, it’s #YELE not #YOLO!

As always you can download the individual music sets from the show below. Another classic episode in the books, if only I could tell you who we got coming up this week…




Mar 042013

The People’s Choice DJ Envy stops by to talk about his role as the devil’s advocate on the Breakfast Club, his recent admission of infidelity to his wife, how other dj’s ain’t playing right, getting a gun pulled on him by Nas, and tells us his strategy on how to “kill a muthafucker breathin’”. We also get a call from The Boondocks TV series character Uncle Ruckus, who asks us for a handout and waxes poetic on the day’s race-related hot topics.

One of the best interviews ever, and I know I say that week after week but if you’re not used to this excellence by now then how can I convince you? Just press play kids. The musical segments are available for download below as well. You’re welcome.


DOWNLOAD: Second Set


Get ready for Combat.