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Jun 272012

Kate Upton- The Many Talents of Kate Upton from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

If you need a reason to watch this video besides that screenshot than hombre I can’t help you. Yet I still wonder why PDS is blocked at certain workplaces. Ah well, the sacrifices we make.

PREVIOUSLY: ART: Terry Richardson Photographs Rihanna

May 112012

Before the sold out shows, before MTV, and even before the culture of hip hop had taken mainstream root, Brooklyn-born photographer Lisa Leone was carefully documenting the burgeoning movement of musical community through the lens of her camera. “THEN” is a new solo show from Leone featuring those deeply personal photographs of pioneering names like Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean, A Tribe Called Quest, and of a time before hip-hop became what it is today. Each evocative photograph and respective interview captures a unique interaction between Leone and her subject, depicting growing up in Brooklyn on the very cusp of a cultural revolution. The exhibition will be showing at HVW8 Art and Design Gallery in Los Angeles, starting on May 11.

661 N. Spaulding Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
United States

Lisa Leone is obviously a name that I should know more about, but it wasn’t until I spotted this over at HB that I realized how big of an impact she has had on Hip-Hop culture. I wish I lived in Los Angeles so I could check this out. Some more pics after the break.

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Mar 162012
Yoda Poster

Yoda Poster
I spotted these posters over at Fast Company and they were too dope to not share with the PDS faithful. These images were created for the “Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition,” being displayed at the Montreal Science Centre. Enlarge the images and you can see the Dagobah swamp so closely connected with Yoda’s identity. View the promo video for the exhibition for more information.

View some of the other posters after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 012011

I got introduced to the work of Chapi D when he did a photoshoot for me during one of my nights behind the turntables. Come to find out he has been shooting artists for years around the DMV area. His work captures some of your favorites at their most intimate, revealing a side of them you might not know otherwise. Take a second and check out some of his work featuring Nas, Sean Price, Wale, Portishead and many others after the break. Of course there is more like the picture above as well.

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