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May 192012


I don’t understand how this only has 16,000 or so views and it’s been up since January, but anyway this is a short clip of Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra meeting for the first time ever. Quincy Jones needs a documentary of his life like yesterday.

Apr 022012

Yet ANOTHER reason why I miss the mid-90′s era of Hip Hop smdh. Not to sound like a old man, but I rarely get that feeling records like this gave me from most of the bullshit that comes out nowadays. Here goes the classic ’95 cut from Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigga The Gambler “Broken Language” which had the streets on smash when most of y’all were in diapers lol. Thank me later.

Feb 212012

Came across what I believe is some unreleased Dilla over at Bling47.com while surfing the web and decided to share with y’all. Here’s some words from the tracks producer Jeedo:

“Todays stream is of the original version of, “Crushin” produced by me. We have J Rocc to thank for this one. I was Djing with Houseshoes in San Fran with Fran Boogie and DJ Mr. E. We heard J Rocc was staying in the same hotel and went to holla at him. We were talking about Dilla rarities when he said that he liked that version of, “Crushin” I did. I was like what version!?! He played it and it split my melon! I did that beat for Dilla circa 2002 for his MCA project – I assumed he never used it when I didn’t hear anything. Turns out it was the original version that he later remixed himself for his then – newly founded label, Mummy Records.”



Feb 072012

Today we celebrate the life, as well as reflect on the death on the legendary Big Pun. Coming up in a time when Hispanic MC’s were practically a non factor for the most part, one Christopher Rios came in the game and broke through that invisible wall to become one of the greatest MC’s to ever touch a mic under any classification. To kick off the day, I’ve decided to share 10 visuals/songs by Pun that I hold the dearest to my heart. R.I.P. Pun, your memory lives on!! Continue reading »

Feb 042012

“I got this one on a cassette from T3 circa 1997. I’m not sure what it was for, or why Dilla had this on tape, but I thought it was hilarious. “Shut the F*ck Up and listen to this… this.” This kind of style was typical for our crew at this time – we were just finishing up the Fantastic Vol 1 album. It was never about what they said – but instead how they said it. We called it “R.A.W.” – Rugged And wild. And that is exactly what this one is – tape hiss and all. -Enjoy, Jeedo”

Props to OKP.