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Apr 262012

I had to throw this pic up first, do you see the rear door of this monster? Bentley decided to finally give in and give 2 Chainz and many other noveau riche people what they have been asking for with their first SUV, named the EXP 9 F. Plenty more pics of the sickness after the break. *starts counting pennies*

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Apr 042012

Right now all around the world rappers are calling their publicists, their managers, even weed carriers are getting a wake up call. This is one beautiful piece of machinery right here and the fact that it’s a hybrid will have even Common doing Just Wright Part Two in order to get his hands on one. HB has some more info on this hybrid concept sports car from BMW, but once you watch the video I don’t think you’ll need to know any more other than where can you get one?

Mar 022011

Thank God the man is still healthy enough to make an appearance, and hopefully this means that whatever medical problems he is facing will soon be a thing of the past. Hit the jump for all of the technical specs about the new Ipad, which is available March 11th. So if you haven’t gotten me a birthday present yet there is your chance.

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Dec 102010

Oh shit.


In partnership with Disney, Monster has released Daft Punk Tron Edition headphones. Retailing at the reasonable price of $349.95 (Amazon is selling ‘em for $299.95), the over-the-ear headphones certainly seem nifty enough: noise isolation and surround sound, for example. In addition, the headphones will come with a surround sound version of the new soundtrack. However, the most intriguing thing about them is that they put on a light show with LED lights to mimic the character’s costumes from the movie. This could either be very fun (if you’re alone) or incredibly annoying (if I’m sitting next to you on the subway), so keep that in mind.

Monster has also released similar Daft Punk gaming headphones, as well as audio dock inspired by the data disk from Tron: Legacy. Those items are available for $299.95 and $249.95, respectively.

- via Consequence of Sound

Damn these are sick. I’d be worried about getting mugged for these bad boys but they’re definitely perfect for DJ’ing a secured Club or a house show. Now you fools know what I want for Xmas. Don’t let me down.

Sep 302010


Check Monster’s new commercial for Dr. Dre’s new Power Beats headphones which features Affion Crockett doing his best rendition of me in the nightclub after two drinks and Lebron James as himself. Best line in the video comes from Affion to Dre “you doin a whooole lot of workin out Dr. Dre…you NEED to start workin out on that allllbum” *dies*