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Apr 192013
Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 2.24.19 PM

Well this is the moment of all the Internets have been waiting for, the official trailer from the upcoming revolutionary nighttime or anytime talk show from the same fuckybergs who have been bringing you the hottest podcast in the lands. Go ahead and watch the trailer above and then tune into Complex TV on April 22nd for the debut episode with the one and only 5th Dynamite himself Black Thought.

Apr 092013

Would never think that Jermaine would have the heart to catch a body, music video or not. But J. Cole does just that, reenacting the final verse from his “The Warm-Up” mixtape standout “Dreams” in his visual for his Miguel assisted single “Power Trip”. “Born Sinner” coming soon, bastards.

Feb 062013
YouTube Preview Image

Man of the Moment; it seems once again. Also known as one-quarter of the Slaughter, gives us his first visual off the highly anticipated No Love Lost project. The Mutt’s picks are as follows Runaway, My Time, and the title track mos’definitely.  In my office thinking earlier, that I wasn’t really feeling the new product being much more pop culturally acceptable. Can’t blame Mouse for expanding his career though, still I be missin’ songs like Black Cloud & Anti.  I will not deny he has the nation wanting to know more, well-in Joe. Get your copy here.  & No love lost, still a fan…