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Apr 232013
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I’m not that hype to see Iron Man 3, which means I’ll be in the theater by Saturday instead of Friday, but this trailer for the new Thor looks like I may have to try and get in there as early as possible. While some are going to be mad at the love story angle that this one is taking, I think it’s dope that this seems to be going the route of an Empire Strikes Back with the hero possibly taking an L at the end. Also the Kurse storyline upon which this film is based is one of my favorite Thor stories so I may be a little biased. I’m sure we will have plenty more footage to debate before this drops this fall.

Feb 052013
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I can’t lie ever since catching the last installment on cable a couple of times I’m actually excited to see the sixth chapter in the seemingly never ending Fast & Furious films. This extended look gives you more of The Rock & Vin Diesel’s “acting” and a bunch of more action shots that you didn’t see in the Superbowl commercial. Opens Memorial Day everywhere.

Dec 262012


Saw it. Enjoyed it. It was funnier than I expected and really a solid piece of entertainment but what it was, it wasn’t earth shattering and it didn’t provide some new twist on the genre.

Fans of the Jack Reacher novels should actually be pleased with this film, not because of it being a faithful adaption, rather because it serves as a 2 hour long trailer for the series of books. the dialogue in venture was pretty smart and it makes me want to actually go read the book series. this is even more so true because of how the fancy been vocal about their displeasure with Tom Cruise playing the role and that makes me want to read the book and see how a Jack Reacher should really be told. if I were the author or a fan I couldn’t be more pleased with that as an outcome of seeing the movie.

Dec 142012
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There is no description better than what I could give you in that title. Guillermo Del Toro, the director of Hellboy and other greats brings us what could be the most epic movie of next year. Or it could be a weak ass Godzilla vs Robot Jox remake. Time will tell.