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Nov 272012

Well looks like Tip is going to make me eat my words from that earlier post, as this single off his new album Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head is got damn incredible. Jazzy Phae of all people provides the tinkling pianos and the ridiculous bass drops for Tip to straight go in for two long ass verses. That’s not even mentioning Andre 3000, who needs to stop bullshucking and go on ahead and drop that album that you everyone has been waiting on. Wow if you listen closely to the verse there might be potential of an Outkast reunion? Gawd please.

Jul 302012

Who is the true king of all lyricists?


There are many ways to evaluate an MC. It could be their flow, subject matter, versatility, body of work, and other choices, but at the end of the day the focal point should be lyrics. In the latest issue of The Source magazine with the Shady Records wordsmith crew Slaughterhouse on the cover, the magazine took on an ambitious challenge of ranking the 50 greatest lyricists ever in hip-hop and unfortunately they failed miserably. Below is how they decided to rank their list.


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Jun 182012

Wonder whatever happened of dude, who I thought was gonna actually stick around for a while based on this cut and the rampant promo for his debut album “The Skinny”. Guess that didn’t work out too well, but at least he has this jam to show for it. Hope everyone has a great and prosperous day.

Feb 242012

Here goes some dope ish from the Gorillaz featuring James Murphy and the always on point Andre 3000.

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Dec 192011

Post a comment below with your favorite album intro and a small bit about your reason why.

Nothing in my opinion has come close to fucking with this. The instrumental, the haunting vocals, the alien sounds of the Portugese prayer being recited, all of these things come together and set the tone for the aptly titled ATLiens.

Nov 222011

Since the days of The Beastie Boys there has always been an idea in Hip-Hop that one day Blacks would eventually lose control of the culture in the same way that Rock and Jazz had before it. While The Beasties were for the most part welcomed along with later groups such as 3rd Bass and YBT, it was Vanilla Ice selling well over ten million copies that made people finally think the concept could actually happen. The backlash against Vanilla kept any White rappers from achieving any sort of real success until Andre Young brought Marshall Mathers out of the decrepit streets of Detroit to mainstream recognition, respect, and unreal album sales. After Eminem blew up labels raced around the nation signing up every white rapper they could find hoping to imitate his success. Eminem meant that not only could a white rapper sell units, he could also be considered a legitimate contender to the title of greatest rapper alive, a feat that before would have seemed like Rocky Balboa beating Muhammad Ali.
Fast forward to 2011 and there are many a white rapper both in the underground and mainstream. Yelawolf, a underground favorite from Alabama finds himself signed to Eminem’s Shady records after releasing several stand out mixtapes and independent albums. His debut Radioactive is in stores today and the main questions on everyone’s minds are: Is it any good? Has Eminem found his superstar successor? Can he reach across racial boundaries and reach every demographic? Is this the middle of the eventual take over of Hip-Hop by white artists?


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