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Sep 102012

Since Breaking Bad is on hiatus till next year expect us to post whatever we can find that’s related to the show but still fresh and fly to keep you tided over till it’s return. This is a dope animation that showcases all of the major players and locations from the top rated hit show. If you missed the recap of the first five seasons entitled The Journey Of Walter White make sure you click here.

May 142012

@FlightFacilities created one of my favorite songs of all time with the undeniably beautiful love lost anthem Crave You. Now they return with another winner, this time describing another broken relationship over some of the happiest soulful electronic production. It’s tough to describe how good Flight Facilities is, so just take a gander at this video and download the song below. If you love it like you should then grab the whole remix project on beatport later on today.


PREVIOUSLY: Flight Facilities Feat. Jess – Foreign Language

Feb 022012

If you aren’t watching Breaking Bad then don’t watch this video. Stop whatever else you’re doing right now go and get on Netflix or On Demand and watch Breaking Bad. All four seasons. Then come back and watch this hilarious video put together like an old school videogame. Breaking Bad, one of the best shows on television right now hands down. RIP Los Pollos Hermanos.

Jan 302012

Actually he says that the Superbowl is as American as it get’s but that doesn’t make for a great title now does it? Watch the above video with some slick animation and Bill’s usual clear headed voice on how the NFL more closely resembles Socialism than you would think.