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Dec 202012

This is an absolutely beautiful video covering the Art Basel event down at Basel Castle in Miami. Plenty of shots of graffiti and various art with a surprise appearance and performance by Trinidad James. The boy is everywhere these days isn’t he?

Dec 062011

While comparing oneself to Ali or Mayweather may be a little bit pretentious to say the least, Mr. Mannion’s photos and history speak for themselves. I mean the man is responsible for some of the most iconic pics of Hova himself, while you just have a few hundred followers on Instagram. We gave you a nice preview before, but this video shows you why he can talk that talk about being the king of the photogs. I love me some B+ but there isn’t much to arguing his point.

thanks made.

Nov 092011

I don’t know how to tell you how beautiful this video is or how appreciative it made me of living in the city of New York. If you don’t live here this video is a much watch and even if you do then you should check it out. I live here and it made me want to go out and bust my ass real quick trying to pull an ollie. Fantastic cinematography and just some clean skating around the city at night.


Aug 092011

Does anyone else get a feeling of Who Watches The Watchmen when watching this video? No? Just me? Anyway this is one beautiful video to front the absolutely amazing backing track by the DMV’s own Oddisee. If you haven’t been up on Odd yet he is one of the single most talented producers/artists that I’ve heard in years and this is one of those tracks that doesn’t need anyone on it to make it work. Press play and enjoy some wonderful early morning music. Then go here and get everything else we’ve posted from the kid. It’ll make your life better.

May 112011


Always good to see Hip-Hop giving back to the community. If you are interested in purchasing this beautiful piece of artwork hit up two cent at the email twocentonline@yahoo.com. Hopefully they make prints of it because I know the auction price is going through the roof.

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Aug 312010
Basic RGB

This dropped last night at midnight so I haven’t had a chance to listen to it, but Ra is definitely one of the upcoming female talents in the industry. BET even cosigned her, if that means anything to you.  Plus she reps that DMV so you know we got to give her shine. Hit the jump for the download and the back cover.

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