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Apr 112012

Well damn. @Oddisee stays making some of the best music coming out of the DMV today, or for that matter anywhere when it comes to this Hip-Hop, but this joint right here is incredible. The beat is just bananas and Odd’s flow and opening bars set the stage for him to let you know that sometimes you gotta just relax and enjoy life and take the “Hustle Off.” Smooth shit for the spring right chea.

Apr 102012

Gotdamn. I been a fan of King Fantastic for a minute now but this joint right here? Sheeeeiiiit. Might be the hardest shit I’ve heard all year. Face all kind of scrunched up, I just wanna go slap somebody. Or at the very least roll down a top roll up something and find a sweet Mexican girl to cruise through Cali too. G Sharp is the first single from his new EP SocioPoliticalPimpTalk. Catch his last video “On Q” here. Trust me, you want to.

Apr 092012

Even though I’ve never heard of them before alt-J have instantly catapulted themselves into top five videos of the year with the haunting Breezeblocks. This has to be the best reverse order video that I’ve ever seen with one of the best twist endings this side of the Sixth Sense. Through the whole video I think I’m watching a scene of domestic violence gone wrong and then oh no wait… about that. Like I said, top five video of the year, watch for your self and tell me different. Props to Ellis Bahl on the outstanding direction.