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May 042012
The Avengers movie poster

The Avengers movie poster

HOLY F***balls The Avengers was AWESOME!

Never have I left a summer action blockbuster and he felt so satisfied with feeling that all of the hype and the wait was worth it, but with The Avengers, Marvel Studios knocked it out of the park!  This is hands down the best summer action blockbuster I have ever seen!

It has a ton of great action that flows seamlessly, with excellent comedic bits and at roughly 2.5 hrs the film moves at a an excellent pace. Given this, the story is as basic as necessary to convey the broad strokes which helps to make the proceedings so much easier to digest. There is threat to the Earth so large that no single hero could handle it on their own. Got it? Good, then strap in and enjoy the ride.

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Jul 222011

Captain America is a good movie!

They definitely did this the right way. Solid characterization, all the humor works, the movie has a lot of heart, solid action, and the chick who plays Peggy Carter is sexy as hell! It’s essentially a period piece and the one that feels the most ‘comic book-y’ of the Marvel movies. They balance things pretty well, Steve Rogers is noble and earnest but doesn’t come off as corny. The did the right thing by focusing on the man behind the mask.

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