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Mar 082012

When I first started listening to this mixtape I was like what the fuck. Then after about two more songs I was like for real what the fuck? Then around track number four it all started to come together. This isn’t your typical mixtape or even album, as it is more of Taz taking snippets from all kinds of different sources and mixing up entire new creations from them. Definitely not for everyone but hey I pride myself on not being a sheep.

Mar 062012

I saw the intro to this video and loved the model’s hair so that got me watching. What happens after that in this weirdness I have no idea, other than it involves an extra set of hands growing out of the model’s head, Plastic man stretching arms, and more hair on a woman than even Chewbacca could find attractive. Plus right around a minute and a half this joint turns into a banger that will brighten any day. The EP from St. Lucia drops today but you can stream it below for free before you buy it on Soundcloud.

Mar 102011


There are not enough words in the English language to tell you how much you need to download this. I posted the Phoenix remix by RAC yesterday but just discovered that they released a whole album full of new remixes. For free. Stream each song or download the whole album after this.


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Feb 082011

By short I mean just over a minute long and ends right when it’s getting really good. There is some making of with the creator afterwards but I wouldn’t mind seeing a full thirty minute or even hour long production done in this style. Props to  Rob Pratt for creating this fine piece of work and thanks to CA for the heads up.

Mar 312009

This is taken from the Dead Presidents Remix Project that we posted yesterday. DMV Stand Up! The whole album is crazy, featuring a who’s who of  DMV talent. If you haven’t already copped it go get it here. Shouts to Studio43.com

Mar 312009


Truthfully I haven’t heard but one song from these guys but it was fire so here is their FREE album, U-N-I & Ro Blvd Present: A Love Supreme, right after the jump. Tracklist, Album Cover, and link after the jump. The pic above is in celebration/honor of number twelve on the LP. Soon you’ll understand.


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