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Oct 092012
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New J-Dilla production plus classic footage of Jay Dee on stage rocking and working in the studio? Definitely a great way to start off the day, Rest In Peace to one of the greatest to ever do it and props to the Dreadnaughtz for helping to keep his name alive. Stay around till the end of the video for some comedy, or something.

Jun 112012

Here goes a visual from Supa Emcee, Nick Speed, and Guilty Simpson in support of the upcoming J Dilla project “Dillatroit” in the 313 repping title track from the album, produced by the legend himself. Peep the point blank head shots at former blog favorite and XXL Freshman cover boy Charles Hamilton in reference to his whole “This Perfect Life” fiasco. Can you say ouch??

May 182012

If you know anything about the PDS fam by now, its that we’re HUGE fans of Dilla so its an understatement to say that we’re stoked for this. On May 25th, Mahogani Music is releasing a Vinyl-Only Ep from the iconic producer/rapper, which would also serve as a dope collection piece if you’re into that kind of thing. Check out the tracklist after the break.

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Apr 092012

Retrospect is a tricky thing. While we as humans often tend to live in the moment, some of those quick judgements we thought at the time were concrete and justifiable decisions/evaluations turn out to be false or ill-advised due to being a prisoner of the moment. Such is the case when I hear people state that A Tribe Called Quest’s “Beats, Rhymes” Life” album was subpar/average and the devils spawn to put it polite, and also when their Sophomore release “Low End Theory” is regarded as the best thing since slice bread (my blood pressure also builds when they TRY to compare it in any light to “Midnight Marauder” which is both foolish and asinine, but that’s a whole different story for another time). Don’t get me wrong, while I feel “Low End Theory” is the SHIT and def a unanimous cultural defining album, in some aspects I feel that “Beats, Rhymes, Life” was actually a BETTER overall record than “Low End Theory”. I’ve decided to list 5 points to defend this argument as I’m well aware the hypebeasts and rap elitists will be on a witch-hunt for my head the second this piece gets published. Hit the jump and find out the madness behind my reasoning. Continue reading »

Feb 212012

Came across what I believe is some unreleased Dilla over at Bling47.com while surfing the web and decided to share with y’all. Here’s some words from the tracks producer Jeedo:

“Todays stream is of the original version of, “Crushin” produced by me. We have J Rocc to thank for this one. I was Djing with Houseshoes in San Fran with Fran Boogie and DJ Mr. E. We heard J Rocc was staying in the same hotel and went to holla at him. We were talking about Dilla rarities when he said that he liked that version of, “Crushin” I did. I was like what version!?! He played it and it split my melon! I did that beat for Dilla circa 2002 for his MCA project – I assumed he never used it when I didn’t hear anything. Turns out it was the original version that he later remixed himself for his then – newly founded label, Mummy Records.”



Feb 112012

“In honor of J. Dilla being one of the most influential producers of all time, I decided to lay a verse to one of my favorite tracks off of J. Dilla’s Donuts. Being from Detroit I feel I have a responsibility to honor his legacy n continue it in my own way. His soul will live forever… RIP J. Dilla”

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