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Nov 182011

Yes I hate tagged songs as much as the next man, but my love for Andre 3000 is going to make me post this now even though I’m sure the untagged will be out by the time I finish the post. The Andre verse has been floating around for a while and its fucking phenomenal if you haven’t heard it yet. Gonna be weird seeing if Hov and Young express the sentiments that Dre did in his verse.



Nov 022011

I hate most tagged up songs, but Funkmaster Flex always makes a song sound so much liver with all the bombs and “Funkmaster Flex Night” drops. Then again this doesn’t need much of anything, raw dog beat with Common going in from the first bar. “How should I say this? F**k it I’m the greatest.” No comment on the picture but I figured with a name like Sweet it’s kind of fitting.



Sep 292011

Not the best Frank Ocean song that I’ve ever heard, but hey it’s some new music from the current R&B Prince. Uptempo joint, I dunno if this would work in the clubs but it seems like an attempt in that direction.

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Download: Link

Jun 102010

Last month, pioneering Hip-Hop documentarian Martha Cooper debuted her newest publication Name Tagging at the OBEY Pop-Up Shop. Covering the prevalent notion of tagging with stickers once used primarily in the corporate environment, we took the opportunity to visit with Martha Cooper regarding her book, her contributions to graffiti and Hip-Hop and the importance of her getting involved early on as a photographer and the difficulty current photographers face.

Am I like super late because I’ve never heard of Martha Cooper? Oh okay according to her wiki page she wrote Subway Art which I’ve definitely read but never owned a copy. Okay so I have heard of Ms. Cooper. Anyway check out the video above nice little short on the phenomenon of tagging and whether or not it is a viable form of art.

thanks to beast.