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Trayvon Martin »
Apr 092012

YouTube Preview Image The single is off that American Dream Mix still going strong, with a visual tribute to the young teen Trayvon…As the system goes…An unarmed populace is not a good idea, but like Loso would put it so classically; “There’s the cool dudes, there’s the real dudes and the lame dudes. I don’t care if you got a gun, being a lame dude is being a lame dude. If you got a gun, you just a lame dude wit a gun and that’s it” 

Apr 032012

As the Trayvon Martin case draws national attention, we look at another fatal shooting of an unarmed African-American male that has received far less scrutiny. Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., a 68 year-old African-American Marine veteran, was fatally shot in November by White Plains, NY, police who responded to a false alarm from his medical alert pendant. The officers hurled racial slurs at Chamberlain, broke down his door, tasered him, and then shot him dead. We’re joined by Chamberlain’s son, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., and two of his attorneys. One of the attorneys, Mayo Bartlett, questions the police response to the shooting, comparing it to the official story that emerged after George Zimmerman shot the unarmed African-American teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida last month. “It’s very similar to Mr. Zimmerman suggesting that he had a bloody nose, and now you look at the video and that doesn’t appear to be the case,” says Bartlett. “That really makes you question what we’re being told sometimes by government with respect to these types of matters.” Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. struggles through tears to recount his father’s final moments, including the way police officers mocked his father’s past as a Marine. “For them to look at my father that way, (with) no regard for his life, every morning I think about it,” he says.

I am losing words & ability to hold patience thru my typing. The speed at which they would shut the PDS down if I were to speak freely, so I wait & I post. Classic fukkery from the NYPD again, especially coming in the midst of the Trayvon case. Read yesterday, the killer said he would turn himself in if charged. So leave Zimm’s justice up to the state, but T.Martin’s justice is variably non-existent & left up to a self-initiated, half-wit, rogue, neighborhood patrol man. ………..oh, got it.

Mar 232012

OBAMA: It is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this. … But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. You know, if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and get to the bottom of exactly what happened.

Nuff said.

Mar 212012

Needs no explanation and needs definite representing if you in the NYCity area 6 to 9pm later today. Before you do that please sign the petition over at Change.org, thanx. & now my thoughts…

Zimmerman deserves to be behind bars. If that kid wrestled that gun away & then clapped his bitch ass, Trayvon would be under the jail already…America the beautiful. I know you nerds been getting it hard for along time & have been fighting back lately. But please don’t get the streets twisted & don’t become targets with such dumb “Vigilante” exploits. Go listen to the audio. You can hear him clumsily loading the firearm, nervously trying to relay info, & embodying the essence of “I really dont know what I am doing or saying right now.”

We need to realize who the real enemy is & stop living their plan through…See you in the Square.