Mar 212012

Needs no explanation and needs definite representing if you in the NYCity area 6 to 9pm later today. Before you do that please sign the petition over at, thanx. & now my thoughts…

Zimmerman deserves to be behind bars. If that kid wrestled that gun away & then clapped his bitch ass, Trayvon would be under the jail already…America the beautiful. I know you nerds been getting it hard for along time & have been fighting back lately. But please don’t get the streets twisted & don’t become targets with such dumb “Vigilante” exploits. Go listen to the audio. You can hear him clumsily loading the firearm, nervously trying to relay info, & embodying the essence of “I really dont know what I am doing or saying right now.”

We need to realize who the real enemy is & stop living their plan through…See you in the Square.