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Nov 072011

The whole YMCB invades Hawaii and of course they brought along Deric G to shoot all of the proceedings. I need to make it down to Hawaii sometime soon for real, this only makes me want to get down there sooner than later. Unfortunately no Birdman hand rubs in the portion I watched.

Oct 172011

Nickelus F goes the rock route on this latest one sampling a guitar ballad for this track off his new effort Faces which drops on November 8th. Kind of getting a Lil Wayne mixed with Eminem vibe from this joint.


Oct 072011

The youtube comments on this video are comedy enough, people are never going to let Officer Ricky live it down are they? I mean when you’re selling dope on an iPhone how could you ever have been a correctional officer? Rest In Peace to Steve Jobs, you made it possible for Rozay to sling from the comfort of his phone. There’s an app for that.

Sep 222011

Another classic episode of the Combat Jack show in the books. This week we discussed the tragedy of the Troy Davis situation, the Ray J and Fab debacle and our very special guests Maffew & 40 Glocc dropped a few bars for us of course. Shouts to PDS very own Preezy Da Kid who made his debut last night as the Combat Jack Show’s new resident shooter. Duck Hunt, Gears Of War however you want it. Footage above, the whole show below.

The Combat Jack Show (Maffew Ragazino & 40Glocc) 9-21-11 by PNCRadio

Aug 302011

Fuck the internet, b.

The mighty Al Gore has provided the world with the means to overreact, overrate, and overanalyze the minutiae of life at the speed of 140 characters or less. Politics, Sports, our own human sense of decency, and most especially, Hip-Hop has suffered thanks to our ability to make snap judgements. Everyone is a blogger, everyone has an opinion, and the perceived anonymity of a screen name allows suckas to say the most ridiculous things in an effort to be heard in a world that is, more and more, being drowned out by the sounds of its own mediocre arguments.

The Gift and The Curse is twofold- the barbershop of discussion has expanded to allow you to politic ditto with random strangers with their own tastes in music from across the globe. We have access to MORE music from MORE artists than ever before– there is NO excuse for you not to find SOMETHING you like to listen to. Unfortunately, the internets ease of use has eliminated the gatekeepers to the music business, ruined quality control, and the ability to have a civil discourse concerning this thing of the Tall Isrealis ours.

The second is that artists have been forced to generate as much content as possible, no matter how inane or worthless, all to further the perception they are “grinding/hot/making moves,” lest the twitter/ blog-o-shpere/Comment section believe that you’ve “fell off.”


Consequently, we are bombarded with more freestyles, songs, leaked songs, videos, trailers to videos, official mixtapes, unauthorized mixtapes, trailers to mixtapes, trailers to trailers, interviews, trailers to interviews, concert footage, trailers to concert footage, photo shoots, and trailers to trailers of photo shoots then ever before.

But I digress.

The point is is that the internet era of continuing news cycles, constant release of content, and our insatiable desire to be “new” has created an environment where many artists can control their narrative. This can work both for and against some artists, particularly major label artists who require a certain level of visibility to please their label heads and ever-fickle fanbase.

The following is a small compilation of some events that have occured over the past 8 months or so that I’m sure you have either forgotten about, deleted, or simply never got around to paying attention to, what with all the Twitter Beef, WorldStar Bunnies, Free’s ass and various celebrity nipple slips taking up your precious internet time.


Jihad makes you remember stuff you wish you forgot after the break.


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Aug 292011

Well last night was a lot more entertaining than I thought it even kept me from switching to Entourage to catch the whole thing. I have to give props to Chris Brown, who I really can’t stand, for murdering his show last night. Straight up and down rocked the stage with the ill Wu-Tang tribute and Peter Pan dance routine. You can catch that and Kanye and Jay rocking Otis for the first time ever after the break. The best vocal performance of the night from Adele above.

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